Artist Statement

Most of my work centers on the visual exploration of a universal language of symbols often in a magical or theatrical storytelling context. Most of my ideas come to me in dreams. I create acrylic paintings incorporating mixed media, often in montage format. I refer to them as “hybrid paintings” due to their sculptural relief elements. Several characteristics that I desire in my paintings are a feeling of high energy, the resonance of vibrant color, the appearance of innocence, and the idea of sacred space. I have always been very interested in the symbolism of certain objects such as candles, keys, and doorways. Nature is another interest, especially when portrayed in a mythological context.

Upcoming Exhibitions


2017 “Waterworks” Smithsonian sponsored exhibition – Lanesboro, MN

2017 SEMAC Advancing Artist Grant, Escape Artist book & exhibition – Rochester, MN

2017 “Selected Works” solo exhibition MacNider Art Museum – Mason City, Iowa

2018 “Two Artists Squaring Off” exhibition Freeborn County Arts Initiative – Albert Lea, MN


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